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Operations / Security Engineer

Zurich, Switzerland (or Remote) • Engineering • Full Time

The whole team is responsible for making sure the piplanning app is safe and secure. We are looking for an Operations / Security Engineer who thrives on working with our engineers to secure our product across the entire product development lifecycle.

Your responsibilities will include operating and scaling our infrastructure, performing threat models, reviewing new features and architectural designs, and finding ways to empower the whole engineering team to build and run secure software by default. You must have a strong ability to work with colleagues to understand our product and then come up with ways to apply practices to improve existing security infrastructure. The ability to read and write code is very important. Our product is built using a number of different languages, Python and Vue.js are the most important. Additionally you will monitor, scale and improve our software-stack in production.


● Experience with building and running cloud-provider-based infrastructure
● Solid understanding of web application security
● Worked with microservice architectures
● Built-up Kubernetes clusters
● Automated Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery pipelines
● Experience with Networking: IP, TCP, HTTP, DNS, Proxy technologies
● Experience in cloud security architecture and infrastructure
● Programmed applications in Python
● Experience working with compliance, privacy, IT, networking or related functions
● An ability to prepare and reason about security decisions
● An ability to communicate ideas clearly and effectively to all your team mates
● Willingness to take care of opposing priorities in a fast-paced environment

It's great, but not required, if you have
● Comprehensive knowledge about identity platforms, IDPaaS such as Auth0 / Okta, Authentication, Authorization and SAML
● An understanding of how to use metrics to guide technical decisions
● Experience with Infrastructure-as-Code frameworks such as CloudFormation or Terraform
● Experience with code-scanning and signing
● Familiarity with security systems (would be a huge bonus)

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Whenever and wherever you work, playing together at Rentouch is highly collaborative and fun! You work in a vibrant startup environment as part of a team with a diverse skill set. With your passion you shape the future of Rentouch and leave your mark on the product vision and strategy. Learn from our customers every day, translate their needs into features and help some of the largest organizations across the globe improve their planning success.

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Creating digital collaboration software providing next level experience in online collaboration is why we're here. From small ones up to the largest companies you can imagine, our focus is on an immense variety of customers dealing with the same challenge, how to collaborate effectively across locations and time-zones. With the piplanning app we help teams to become more effective, aligned and focused - providing seamless collaboration capabilities is what pushes us every day.
We're looking for people who want to create our future with support of like-minded team mates who are motivated by a common goal to: eliminate barriers in distributed team collaboration.

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