Sales Representative / Customer Satisfaction

We are looking for a senior sales representative who thrives on working with our whole team to win new customers and help them achieve more in remote PI Planning sessions by using the piplanning app.

As a senior sales representative you build relationships with buyers and administrators from a wide variety of large businesses to sell licenses of the piplanning app. You contact customers, pitch and explain the piplanning app for sale and provide any requested information, answering questions the customer might pose regarding the solution. Your primary responsibility is to get the piplanning app into the hands of customers. Your career path can lead to a head of sales Americas position.


  • B2B sales experience, ideally to enterprise // larger customers
  • Hands-on sales experience with a demonstrated ability to close deals
  • Customer service skills to listen to the concerns of a customer and be able to address their needs
  • Interpersonal skills to work with a wide variety of people each day, build relationships and network
  • Confidence and strong self-assuredness to succeed in cold-calling customers and making a sale while still asking more questions than talking yourself
  • Communication skills, especially persuasion, to clearly convey the benefits of the piplanning app to potential customers
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and hands-on can-do mentality

It’s great, but not required, to have:

  • Marketing experience with a focus on lead generation
  • Experience with SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)
  • Experience with Hubspot sales & marketing solutions
  • (Sales) tool experience (eg Woodpecker, Zapier, etc.)

More about our benefits

Whenever and wherever you work, playing together at Rentouch is highly collaborative and fun! You work in a vibrant startup environment as part of a team with a diverse skill set. With your passion you shape the future of Rentouch and leave your mark on the product vision and strategy. Learn from our customers every day, translate their needs into features and help some of the largest organizations across the globe improve their planning success.

More about Rentouch

Creating digital collaboration software which provides a next level experience in online collaboration is why we’re here. From small companies to the largest ones you can imagine, our focus is on an immense variety of customers dealing with the same challenge: how to collaborate effectively across locations and time-zones. With the piplanning app, we help teams become more effective, aligned and focused. Providing seamless collaboration capabilities is what pushes us every day.

We’re looking for people who want to shape our future with the support of like-minded team mates, all motivated by a common goal: eliminating the barriers in distributed team collaboration.

Sales Representative / Customer Satisfaction

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