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A Third Party Company as defined in GDPR Art. 4 (Third Party Company) is one which is commissioned on behalf of the Processor (Rentouch) or Controller (Customer) to process Personal Data (of technical nature) but have no access to Customer Data, in order for use of services provided by the Third Party Company. A Subprocessor is together with the Processor providing 1 Product and Services to the Customer and has as a potential of their subprocessing access rights also access to Customer Data.

Subprocessors are part of the contractual agreement of the Processor and have access to Customer (Controller) Data by default or virtue of their activities. Third Party Companies have no access to Customer Data.

Third Party Service Providers

In accordance with our Privacy Policy ( we use services of Third Party Service Providers, for which Personal Data such as IP address, E-Mail address, tel. number, first and last name, may be transferred to or pass through or stored on their systems for further analysis and processing by Rentouch. The content excludes any related Customer Data (e.g. stickies, sessions etc.) as defined in our Rentouch Subscription Agreement. Third Party Companies are service providers over the Internet and not considered as Sub Processors with access for processing under this offering.

Where available by the Third Party Service Provider for such services, Rentouch has contractual agreements in place. Any Personal Data that is transferred is pushed by the Rentouch Product and Services. The Third Party Service Providers do not PULL any Personal Data from Rentouch.

Third-Party Service Providers Applicable to Prospects, Visitors of Our Website and Demo and Self-Service Tenants

In addition to the above when Demo and Self-Service tenants are utilized, the following Third Party Service Providers may also be used accordingly for the purpose described.