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Remember when you had to calculate all your Story Points in an iteration over and over again in order to see if it correlates with your set iteration velocity or not? No need to manually do that anymore. You set your Team Velocity for each iteration and the Load is calculated automatically based on the Story Points you have in this iteration. See what happens when you drag a User Story with a high Story Point value into another iteration.

Sticky Types Overview

Sometimes it’s hard to remember which sticky colors your RTE wanted you to plan with. Though you know where you could find this out, that would be another valuable minute lost on your already short Team Breakout Session. With the piplanning app, the only thing you have to do is to concentrate on your PI Planning.

Direct Link to ALM tool

Everything you plan is real-time synchronized with your ALM tool. The piplanning app is designed for you to concentrate on planning and planning only. If for some reason you need more information from your ALM tool just click on the ALM Key on the sticky note which brings you directly to the corresponding item in your ALM tool.