Customer Voices
“Within Optos Product Development we run an ART across  13 teams, based in both the UK and Japan.  Initially we carried out PI Planning with written notes and flipcharts – this worked reasonably well, however the piplanning app has made the sessions even more productive and solved several communication and efficiency challenges. Feedback for improvements are readily accepted by Rentouch, with several of our suggestions already having made it into the product. We have found that in order to get the full benefits of the piplanning app and SAFe everyone needs a way to display their board, both for stakeholders to visualise what they are doing and as a central point for the teams to talk around. To date we have carried out our PI Plannning in one room, with colleagues coming from Japan for the event. Going forward we will be undertaking some of our planning in a distributed setting where we can foresee the piplanning app having even greater benefits.”
Paul Field
RTE, Engineering Programme Manager, Optos
“Rentouch's piplanning app is key for our PI Planning meetings! The piplanning app creates a clear view of all the team’s plans, risks and objectives. Teams could share at any moment with any stakeholder their plans and also collaborate during the Program board creation! It provides us an incredible visual and clear view of the picked Features at any moment… The team at Rentouch provides support and accepts feedback in a very efficient way. The software has this high quality that for us it's a must even when not doing distributed PI planning meetings. We like the use of the tool very well, it improves previous planning and insight inefficiencies in our development process.”
Jesús Marcos Martín, Sandra Moral Boadas
CSO Quality Management Support Group
“Rentouch’s piplanning app has made possible to us to easily arrange distributed PI Planning sessions having people and teams participating from three countries worldwide in three time zones and in several locations within each country. We use the piplanning app for planning preparations, team planning work and planning result reviews. Using the piplanning app we all can have common situation picture about what teams are currently doing, how the planning is progressing, what kind of plans they have done so far and review the plans together. We also use the piplanning app for ROAMing risks and documenting the planning results. I can say behalf of our teams and all of our SAFe organization using it, that we are very satisfied with the capabilities, functionalities and reliability of Rentouch’s piplanning app.”
Harri Räisänen
Program Manager, RTE, CGI Finland
“With a very large Agile Release Train of 12 Teams in 3 different time-zones, conducting a distributed PI Planning Event is very challenging, but Rentouch’s piplanning app has helped facilitate these events by providing a platform for collaboration between teams and greater visibility for all involved. The piplanning app has been a Key Enabler for success and it’s integration with our Jira has also given us a drastic reduction in post-PI Planning Event administration as our stories are already in Jira and on the relevant Team and Sprint Boards. Additionally, the set-up support and subsequent responsiveness of Rentouch to our questions and improvement suggestions has created a great partnership that I hope will continue for a long time.”
Ian J Franks
Release Train Engineer