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Get the structure back that made your in-person PI Plannings a success and get your remote teams focussed and aligned.

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All the benefits of physical sticky notes

Collaborate virtually with your teammates, just like you used to when planning in large rooms with physical sticky notes. We know that writing and placing physical sticky notes help synapses in the brain to connect and so for enable the team to better understand and contextualize what is being planned. Make sure you get the same understanding in virtual planning with your ART.

Integrate with your existing ALM tools

Thanks to the real-time bidirectional sync with Jira, Rally and Microsoft Azure DevOps there is no manual copy-pasting before and after your PI Planning. Establish a real "Single Source of Truth" and let your teams focus on planning.

Real-time collaboration

It is always extremely difficult to achieve the same quality of conversations as with in-person PI Planning. With the piplanning app this is no longer a problem because collaborating on the boards feels like being in the same room, face-to-face in front of the same board.

PI Planning Preparation

The "RTE Cockpit" makes it extremely easy for you as a Release Train Engineer to prepare your PI Planning in a way so that your teams can enjoy a simple user interface during the Team Breakouts and concentrate fully on the conversations, the objectives and the plan – basically the things why we are doing PI Planning!

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free 14 days trial • easy setup • no credit card