Distributed ART Support

Teams feel like standing in front of the same board in the same room thanks to the real-time synchronization the piplanning app provides. One team dragging a sticky note on the board, the other teams can follow the movement in real-time.

RTE Cockpit

The RTE Cockpit allows the RTE to prepare the upcoming PI Planning with ease. He has the power to define the sticky colors throughout all the boards so that they remain consistent and easy to read.

Bidirectional ALM Sync

Throughout your whole two day PI Planning event everything the teams plan is in constant sync with your Jira or Rally Software. No need to painfully transcribing handwritten sticky notes after your PI Planning. Back at your work desk the productive PI execution can immediately start.

Program Backlog Board

On this board you find your top 10 or more SAFe® Features which are automatically ranked by the WSJF value. The teams can assign them to themselves and then break them down into User Stories on their Team Board.

Program Board

The Program Board! Famous and designed for Feature delivery and  Milestones as well as where dependencies between teams are visualized.

Program Risk Sessions

On the second day of PI Planning during the Program Risk Session the whole ART can address the submitted risks one-by-one and move them to the dedicated spot on the Program Risk Board to ROAM them.

Team Breakout Sessions

Each team has an own Team Board with all the iterations to plan, a dedicated Risk and PI Objective section. Teams can set their Iteration Velocity create sticky notes, write User Story summaries, give Story Points and much more. Plan like you are used to on physical boards.

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