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What's the definition of a team?

An optimal team consists of seven (plus or minus two) team members. With the piplanning app the only thing that counts is how many teams you have in your ART. Each team with an active team license gets their own Team Board and a swimlane on the Program Board. You can have as many people in a team as you want. It will not effect your license costs.

What does "one-time payment" mean?

One-time payment is only relevant for Self-hosted (on-premise) customers. It means that you buy the licenses and you have the possibility to use them for a lifetime. Maintenance (regular updates, releases and bugfixes) is included for the first year. For every consecutive year you want to receive our maintenance service it's 50% of the initial licenses costs. Be aware that without our maintenance service we can't guarantee you reliable usage of the piplanning app.

Can I also pay quarterly?

Yes you can do that. For more details please reach out to

Did you know?

Over 80% of all Agile Release Trains worldwide have to deal with the challenges related to distributed teams or individual people not being on site. With an average ART of 12 teams the costs to book flights and hotels are in most cases between $ 20,000 and $ 30,000 per PI Planning. With only four PI Plannings per year that's already $80,000 just to get teams to look at the same boards.