Integrate with your
existing ALM tools

The comprehensive bidirectional synchronization with Jira, Rally and Microsoft Azure DevOps is unprecedented in the visual collaboration tools market. No matter which board an event participant looks at, everyone has the same view. This is crucial for the interplay between your ALM tool and

Dependency Management

Whether you work with features, epics, user stories, initiatives, enablers, etc., your scaled requirements model is visualized in a comprehensible way through different linking options on all relevant boards. It's up to you which links are synchronized back and forth with Jira, Rally or Azure DevOps.

Focus on people & interaction

Remote work is about triggering the right conversations at the right time and providing an in-person feeling for all participants.

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RTE Cockpit is where the structure is given to the planning. Having a clear set of used sticky types enhances the ART alignment

Capacity Allocation helps you understand with one click if your new feature vs technical dept ratio is well balanced.

Pointer allows your teammates to show you what they are talking about. To limit distraction and keep team planning focus on a high level, the pointer is only active when Emma is holding the A key

Dependency handling Jennifer just detected a dependency to team Alice. After a quick talk with them she sent her dependency sticky to their team board

Program Board

Excellent dependency handling thanks to advanced overview functionalities. Come together and get alignment over your ART’s dependencies.


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