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piplanning app Slack Community

Raphael Sigg

April 5, 2018

2 min read

Last October we quietly and secretly created the piplanning app Slack Community. It’s very quiet in there, since we never officially announced it. Only one person has registered. So we cannot yet speak of a “community”.

What is it about

The community should bring together people who generally want to share information and discuss all sorts of PI Planning topics. In this respect it should not be seen as a “piplanning app Community”, but rather a SAFe® PI Planning Community where you can exchange information about PI Plannings in general.


We have already prepared a few channels that offer room for great discussions.


How do you carry out your collocated or distributed PI Plannings? Let the community know about methods, tools and tips.


You found a good article recently that you think other folks would benefit from? Reading an interesting book? Share it in the #good-reads channel.


A quick way to say hello and get to know the other folks in the piplanning app Community!


In this channel you can let the community know about everything else that is on your mind such as any non-work banter and topics for water cooler chats.


A place for the Rentouch team to share the latest and greatest news and tips. If you have a comment or question about something we’ve posted? You can’t post in this channel. Just bop over to #app-feedback.


Do you have any suggestions for the team? Let us know here! Have a feature request? Send a message to

We’ve also been thinking about the community guidelines. So we have defined a few values and rules that should enable constructive discussion. To read our community guidelines click here.

We are very happy about everyone who joins us. Since we launched our new Rentouch website, there is now also an official registration form. Are you interested in joining and contributing to the community? Register now.

Try it out yourself!

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