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Quench Your Curiosity: Coffee Call Meet & Greet in the Metaverse

Raphael Sigg

June 8, 2023

2 mins

Your Metaverse ticket to uncover the rich flavors of 

Isn’t it so annoying when you’re sizing up solutions, but the answers are as elusive as the last cookie in the cookie jar? What’s worse is waiting days on end for a customer service agent who seems to be orbiting a different planet. What you need instead is a straight-from-the-source, immediate response from someone so entwined with the solution that they co-founded it. That’s the spirit behind our freshly brewed Coffee Call. 

Our aim is to make your decision-making about as smooth as your favorite latte. This isn’t a sales pitch, it’s more of a cosy conversation with the minds who know like the back of their hands, who have spent years tackling the kinds of challenges that you’re all too familiar with, and can cut straight to the chase of your dilemmas. Plus, we thought we’d add a splash of fun by hosting this in the Metaverse! 

Remember, you’re the barista in this chat! The Coffee Call is available in two brews, live and pre-booked. If it’s live, you’ll spot a banner indicating that Raphael is online and ready to talk. Just click the link to begin your journey into the Gather Metaverse, customise your avatar and get comfortable before connecting with him. If Raphael is not available, then we have our stellar sales team waiting in the ranks, they are just as knowledgeable and you can schedule a call with them for a time that suits you best. 

This is your chance to clear up any lingering questions about and our bespoke PI Planning solution. We’re all ears so start your call today.

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