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Why they choose the PI Planning App

Raphael Sigg

October 11, 2017

3 min read

Since its official launch in March, the PI Planning App has already been evaluated by several large organizations and used for their SAFe®PI Plannings. These are companies whose size means that they are no longer able to bring all their employees together in one big room for the PI Planning. Therefore they had to look for suitable tools that could help their employees communicate across distributed locations.

Direct contact to our customer

We maintain a lively exchange with our customers. They are responsible for the prioritisation of our backlog and have a direct influence on the next features we develop and implement. In addition, you can always see in our roadmap what we are currently working on or which features were included in the last software releases.

Our questions & support chat on our website is also maintained around the clock. This guarantees our customers a first-class service, which is also widely used and appreciated by our customers.

Cloud customers benefit from small, helpful innovations every two weeks. They use the functions at first hand and can give us valuable feedback on the handling, which enables us to improve them further.

The most common requirements

In the daily exchange with interested parties, we get to know new ways of working. But the problems and wishes are always the same. I have compiled a list of the main criteria that our customers have quoted while implementing the PI Planning App:

  • It must be a tool that is intuitive to use and can therefore be used by our employees without training. In a nutshell, ”anyone who can handle an analog sticky notes board can also handle the tool.”
  • The tool should only have the functions that are needed during a planning phase so that communication, concentration and important train of thought are not interrupted by the tool.
  • We need a tool that is synchronized with our Jira in real-time. First and foremost, we don’t have to do a huge amount of work to correctly type the thousands of handwritten sticky notes into Jira. In addition, we want to be able to see the current planning status in Jira at any time.
  • The Program Board and the Team Planning Boards are to be synchronized in real-time across all locations. No more synchronization of multiple analog Program Boards at different locations, which has led to misunderstandings and costly time losses in the past.
  • Employees should not feel restricted in their planning, but should automatically move within the framework recommended by Scaled Agile Inc.

…of course it was not expected otherwise but to be honest, the PI Planning App masters these points with flying colors.

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