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piplanning app Implementation Roadmap

Raphael Sigg

March 14, 2018

5 min read

As you might know we offer free 14 days trial for the piplanning app. Unfortunately, it often happens that customers do not register for the piplanning app until two days before the actual PI Planning. If no difficulties arise, the piplanning app can be put into operation within a day. We therefore prefer to expect some lead time. So that the IT department and other administrators do not have to be called in for an emergency setup the night before planning. Let me get this straight:

The 14 days are not set in stone. We are glad to provide you with trial licenses that allow sufficient time for pre and post processing. We want your PI Planning to be a smashing success!

Implementation Roadmap

To give you a good overview, we have now developed an implementation roadmap for the piplanning app. There is no denying the similarity with the “SAFe Implementation Roadmap”. Yes, we admit. We were inspired by it. We thought it made sense because SAFe practitioners are already familiar with reading this type of roadmap.

So let’s take a quick, step-by-step look at it:

#1 Installation of PI-Server with Docker on Linux / Sign up for Cloud piplanning app

There are two different roadmaps. One is for Self-hosted users and the other for Cloud users. However, they only differ in the first step.
Self-hosted: For this purpose, the IT department usually has to be called in. They install it on your own servers and we will gladly support you and guide you step by step through the installation process, if necessary.
Cloud: It’s much easier to get the Cloud-based piplanning app up and running. The only thing the RTE has to do, register on

#2 Setup ALM synchronisation

Now it’s about configuring the connection to the ALM tool. Rentouch will also support you in that and offers to set it up together in a remote session. It is good if the RTE and an administrator of the ALM tool are present.
25 days left until PI Planning.

#3 Setup PI Planning session

Now the actual PI Planning session is created, in which the teams plan during your PI Planning. We recommend that we support the setup of the PI Planning session remotely and also support the RTE in order to answer questions directly.

#4 Prepare PI Planning

This step has nothing to do with the piplanning app, but it’s meant as a placeholder for the important and remaining preparation for the upcoming PI Planning done by the RTE.

#5 Final test of the piplanning app

We recommend to run another short test 8 days before your PI Planning. If there’s a problem, there’s still time to fix it. Rentouch is also available for questions and on-demand support.

#6 Equip all teams with the piplanning app and share the access

3 days until PI Planning. Now it’s time to provide all teams with the download link ( and provide them with their team access data. This ensures that everyone works on the latest and current piplanning app desktop version.

#7 The actual PI Planning

THIS IS THE BIG DAY! Rentouch is also ready for support on demand.

#8 Feedback / next steps call

After the PI Planning, we recommend that the RTE contacts us for a short feedback call. In this one we will find out how the PI Planning went and what we can improve for the future. On the basis of this information, we prioritize our backlog and from PI Planning to PI Planning the piplanning app gets better and better.

#9 Preparation of next PI Planning starts soon

After PI Planning is before PI Planning. But this time you can start from step #3, because the main part of the work lies in the initial setup.

Download of the Roadmap

Feel free to contact us if you also want to introduce the piplanning app to your organization. Following you can see the piplanning app Implementation Roadmap both for Self-hosted and Cloud. In the description of each image you can find a PDF download link.

Try it out yourself!

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