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Tackle RTE Exhaustion

What you'll learn

  • You are not alone
  • Connect to other RTEs, SPCs and change agents in and outside your organization
  • Care for each other and learn how to lean on one another for support.
  • Do Kollegiale Fallberatung - meaning “case consultation with your peers” 
  • Or in Short: Together is better -> Form a RTE Network or a RTE/SPC/change agent CoP

This is the 3rd video of the show called “Tackle RTE Exhaustion: 6 real-life experiences with possible ways out”.  

In the last two videos the take aways where scale together and delegate. In this video it’s all about “You are not alone” especially on your level. 

So, everyone keeps asking you about everything. People from your organization not doing SAFe want to know and learn more. Even People from other organizations want to see some SAFe magic of yours! 

You should have all the answers about SAFe. But sometimes even you have to ask your Network, ask your SPCT-Friends or maybe run a quick Google search. 

What happens is you start to give organized tourist tours around your ART – especially the PI Planning. You give inspirational talks in the organization. You do networking and much more! 

And who is doing the organizational transformation? Who cares for the SAFe roadmap? Ow… You 

-as part of the LACE! Or, you are the LACE. There’s more extra effort - the Guiding coalition needs to be established. In the beginning instead the guiding coalition is removing obstacles for you it needs more support, guidance and coaching.  

You end up with more work for you. This on top of your ART-Work 

Spoiler Alert: The Take Away in this video is; you are not alone. Connect to other RTEs and SPCs in and outside your organization.  

So your way out is, take a break. 1st thing is to lay out which are the RTE responsibilities and 2nd, what are you doing that nobody else is, because it seems important? 

So how do you tackle down the extra jobs you feel responsible for? Do you have SPCs and more RTEs in your company? Involve them. Create a community, share responsibility.  

You need a network with peers. Sometime talking to someone helps formulating and so solving the problem. New perspective helps to re-prioritize.  

A wise man once told me: “Be slow to reach your goals in time.” Okay, I have to admit it was about car driving, but I still like the quote 😉 


The answer is, reduce your pace. Find time to reflect. Why not form a CoP with other RTEs, SPCs and change agents? 


I loved to do – In German you call it Kollegiale Fallberatung! A powerful coaching technique which can be translated to “case consultation or advising with your peers”.  

You struggling with a tasks? So you ask your colleagues for advice or coaching. You will get fresh, inspiring ideas or different view points on the topic. It’s liberating!

So the Take Away is: You are not alone. Connect to other RTEs, SPCs and change agents in and outside your organization. Care for each other. Do Kollegiale Fallberatung - meaning, “case consultation with your peers”.

Or in Short: Together is better -> Form a RTE Network or a RTE/SPC/change agent CoP 


I’m Niko Kaintantzis,  SPCT and Systemic Coach. KEGON Switzerland and worked together to bring this important topic to your focus: “RTE Exhaustion” and more importantly “ways out”.

About the course

The role of an RTE in managing matters related to the ART and SAFe Transformation is demanding, leaving them with little opportunity to take a break. Therefore, prioritizing their well-being is crucial to prevent overworking and potential burnout.




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April 3, 2023

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Peter Pedross

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Creator of the product Applied SAFe. Started to program for money at the age of 14. Ex-professional sportsman with a passion for software and a knack in engineering. 30+ years working experience with 50+ publications. SAFe SPC since 2011, Agile (XP) since 1999. Happy father and married to a wonderful woman.

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Ian J Franks

SAFe® 5 Program Consultant & RTE

Ian has a deep knowledge of Scrum, Kanban and Scaled Agile, and 30 years’ experience in international IT Transformation Programs. He is a successful PO, SM & RTE and as a Consultant/Trainer he coaches his clients develop a strong Agile Mindset that delivers real change and measurable improvements.


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