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5 Things I wish I'd known before my first PI Planning

This is the first episode of our show called "5 Things I wish I'd known before my first PI Planning". The guest of todays episode is Shane Harrison, Agile Transformation Strategist at Flow Sphere AG in Switzerland.

What you'll learn

  • Importance of PI Planning Simulations
  • Checklists
  • Gallery Walks
  • How to get good PI Objectives
  • Gather Feedback at the right time
  • Keep the presentations tight and focused

hi my name's Jen Harrison I work for a boutique agile consulting firm called flow sphere in Switzerland I'm from New Zealand you might pick that one from the accent and we're here today I think to talk about the five challenges I wish I knew about before I started my first p.i planning one thing I wish I really knew before I did my first peer planning was how important the simulations are and how it's really important to make sure the teams run through those simulations as if it's the real thing it will save you hours during your first PR planning if they've done it in the full detail to the full depth make sure though you don't do your simulations with something too close to reality it'll distract them have something nice and unusual like an electric vehicle something like that another thing I wish I knew was checklists checklist checklists Chiklis checklists of made in heaven have checklists everywhere have checklists for everybody has the NICS to the p.i planning board have them on your notebook as you're walking around the room everybody needs a checklist sticking audio you just use those checklists and double-check your checklists so one thing that I'd really treasure and I wish I'd used my first p.i planning was gallery walks it's really easy or an art te or an STD to just sit at the back of the room and watch the team's planning and making all that noise if you really want to know what's going on do a gallery walk walk around the room from team to team eyes open is open mouth shut that you will really see what's happening and you know who you need to pull in and win PA objectives we're all there NPI planning to get PR objectives good PA objectives come from one place good plans take your time make sure you review those plans properly make sure you and the team really understand what they're committing to and that is the purpose of your first plan review your PR objectives will be great if your plan is great and your teams will be successful if you have a great plan too so if you want high ratings ninety hundred percent and your PR objectives make sure you do good plan reviews as early as possible and there's nothing wrong with doing it two or three times until you have a good plan PR planning is long it's hard it's tiring so if you want good feedback and I mean not good feedback about how much they love you but good feedback about something you can really do better start collecting your feedback early don't wait to the end until they do a retrospective when you get to the end of peer planning they want to go one place and that's the pub at home anywhere else but the room where they're doing the pie planning so start clicking it early put up walls near the coffee area where you can collect what's going well what's not going well start that as early as possible and you know what at the end of the first day go and see what they've written you can improve your second day just from that information and it's really worth your time so what do you start with your PR planning with you start your PR planning with a series of really important speeches these speeches set up your whole two days if they're too long if they're not focused if they're not sending the right message what you start two days worth is the sound of snoring or the sound of disengagement as people start clicking their pins I can strongly advise and I wish I'd done it the first time I done VI planning that you actually sit down with the presenters go through their presentation with them tighten it up get rid of the flabby edges and see if you can get them down to fifteen twenty minutes give them twenty minutes with some questions and that's enough if you're really sitting there for three hours you will not only get the sound of snoring you'll see people with sleeping bags on the floor so keep it tight keep it focused and keep it motivating because they're going to have a long two days and they need to have in the back of their minds how important this is to the company

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