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7h 31min 44sec

What you'll learn

Reasons behind failed transformation:

  • Siloed teams, data, tools, lack of visibility
  • Lack of leadership, commitment, knowledge
  • Not enough focus on improving the flow of value
  • Alignment of strategy and execution  
  • Project inhibit agility

Ask yourself important questions:

  • Have you moved from project to product?
  • Do you instrument and measure the business value?
  • Can you define value for your customers?
  • Do you measure your ART performance based on KPI and leading indicators?
  • Do you periodically map and optimize your value stream?
  • Have you implemented Lean Portfolio Management (LPM)
  • What is the solution to gain more value and continually deliver value faster?

Value Stream Management: you apply your People, Process, and Technology to optimize the flow of business value continuously from when there is an idea all the way to customer delivery.

Be aware of the benefits of the value stream management:

  • Incense value
  • Faster flow 
  • Accelerate innovation 
  • Improve time to market
  • Reduce cost
  • Stable teams
  • Continuous improvement


  • Organize teams around value streams
  • Create cross-functional agile teams
  • Organize value streams in portfolios

Process: To optimize VSM you should:

  • Apply the 5 principles of Lean 
  • Embrace the 7 principles of Lean software development
  • Improve flow with value stream mapping 
  • Be aware that today it is not the biggest fish that eats the smallest fish, but the faster fish eats the biggest fish.

Technology: to be discussed another time

In short:

  • Close the Feature Factory; Stop obsessing on improving velocity, and start to improve value delivery
  • Reduce and eliminate dependencies 
  • Brake down silos

About the course

This collection includes all the keynotes that have been presented at the RTE Circles so far. Experienced keynote speakers share exciting and informative knowledge on a variety of topics related to SAFe & PI Planning.




Beginner / Intermediate


7h 31min 44sec

Last Updated

Dec 7, 2023

Meet your Expert

Peter Pedross

CEO & Founder PEDCO AG, Chief Methodologist Applied SAFe

Creator of the product Applied SAFe. Started to program for money at the age of 14. Ex-professional sportsman with a passion for software and a knack in engineering. 30+ years working experience with 50+ publications. SAFe SPC since 2011, Agile (XP) since 1999. Happy father and married to a wonderful woman.

Meet your Expert

Silvio Wandfluh

Head of Product, SPC5

Silvio is a certified SAFe® Program Consultant and as Head of Product at Rentouch responsible for the innovation of

Meet your Expert

Shane Harrison

Business and Agile Leadership Coach

Shane is a business focused change agent, specialising in enterprise level digital Lean/Agile transformations. More than 17 years consulting experience across a variety of industries from pharma to banking Shane is a specialist when it comes to context and culture-specific transformations.

Meet your Expert

Ian J Franks

SAFe® 5 Program Consultant & RTE

Ian has a deep knowledge of Scrum, Kanban and Scaled Agile, and 30 years’ experience in international IT Transformation Programs. He is a successful PO, SM & RTE and as a Consultant/Trainer he coaches his clients develop a strong Agile Mindset that delivers real change and measurable improvements.


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