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Agile Santa Claus

"Speak truth to power". Santa's advice is short and simple:

🎄 Do it in a neutral way

🎄 Be completely open and honest, generous, and considerate

🎄 Address the elephant in the room

🎄 As a leader, encourage everyone to do so

Here is something Santa has learned to love in the last few years. Has learned to adore in the last few years and that is: people who "speak truth to power". And people who can do that in a neutral way, in an open and honest, and generous, and considerate, and sort of just in a warm way but they still speak the truth to power. They speak about the elephant that's in the room or the stinky fish that's on the table. It's really important as an agilist that you do this. It's very important if you're a leader of any form in the agile world that you really actively encourage it. One of the benefits that I see, when I'm leading the elves and talking to the reindeer, it's very beneficial for me, when they're speaking this way. Because as the guy who sits on the sleigh and I've got to steer it, I can't steer the sleigh through problems I cannot see. In fact the chances are I may drive the sleigh straight into an elephant if I don't know it's there. So it's vital that as a leader, Santa in this particular case driving my sleigh, it's important that the reindeer tell me hey there's an elephant over there. Otherwise I'm going to drive straight into it. So not only is it important for your own well-being that you do that. It's important for everybody's well-being that you speak truth to power, that you share your ideas and your vision. It's about making things visible and once it's visible people can make a choice, you can make a choice, your leaders can make a choice.

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Dec 24, 2022

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